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Planning Agreement Parties form Two-Basin Partnership

In 2019, several Ad Hoc Committee member organizations entered into a Planning Agreement that initiated a multi-stakeholder partnership that could become eligible to submit a FERC license application, leverage the collaborative work of the Ad Hoc, and explore terms that will benefit both basins aligned with Ad Hoc two-basin solution objectives.  Learn more about the Partnership at https://www.twobasinsolution.org/

Key Products

Notice of Intent :  An overview and comprehensive work plan

What’s Next

Feasibility Study and Project Description due May 14, 2020
The Planning Agreement Parties (Parties) will submit a feasibility study evaluating project options, which will include capital modification needs, fisheries restoration plan, study plan for additional research, and an economics analysis. The Parties must file the final feasibility study report and the proposed project plan to FERC by May 14, 2020. The Parties anticipate being able to share the feasibility study with their Boards and Ad Hoc Committee members in late April.

FERC Planning Milestones

(Subject to Change)

Mid-Late April Feasibility Study available to Ad Hoc Committee
Late-April 2020 Parties present Feasibility Study and Proposed Project to Boards of Supervisors / Directors
Note: Many are public meetings. Ad Hoc Members encouraged to attend Board briefings. The Ad Hoc Committee may also meet.
May 14, 2020 Parties submit Feasibility Study and Proposed Project Description to FERC (Initiates 45-day Comment Period)
June 29, 2020 45-day Comment Period Ends
Comments due to FERC on Proposed Project and additional studies
Fall 2020-early 2021 Initial Study Results Summary and Finalize Study Plan with two 30-day Comment Periods (Oct 2020 and Dec 2020)
Jan-Dec 2021 Conduct Studies
April 14, 2022 New Regional Entity files FERC License Application

(Refer to Appendix C in the Parties NOI for a more detailed timeline)